Antique Fishing Lure the Moonlight 5 Hook Minnow





Antique Fishing Lure the  Heddon 3 Bellyweight 150




South Bend Antique Fishing Lure the Vacuum



Heddon Antique Fishing Lure the Slope Nose

Antique Fishing Lure Galleries

The antique fishing lure galleries page is the centralized depot of sorts with direct access to 100's of pictures of  antique fishing lures. For those who need a quick fix and would rather not surf through each antique lure maker and manufacturer to get to the pictures. Below is a list of the galleries of the old fishing lures, the makers, as well as specialized gallery pages. This page will be dynamic and will have fresh content as the site grows, so stop back soon.... 

We hope by providing this visual reference to the antique fishing lure you can and will enjoy the same passion for collecting as we do. Viewing the fine craftsmanship of the makers helps us appreciate these antiquities we covet.

Of course behind every fishing lure shown there are countless  people and stories behind these products and the fishing industry's vast and rich history.  Make sure you stop by and take a tour of the Heddon Lure Factory and the Shakespeare Lure Factory as well to see some of these faces and to see these operations as the were 80 something years ago.

Antique Fishing Lure Photo Galleries