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Henry Loftie Antique Lures 

Surrounded by other great antique old fishing lure makers of the 19th century such as Chapman, Buel, Haskell, McHarg, and Pflueger Antique Lures we find another old fishing lure and tackle maker; Henry Loftie.

Henry Loftie, son of William E. was born in Auburn, Ny., February 28, 1841, and came with his parents to Syracuse in 1855. William, Henry's father established a hair business there until his death in 1875.  Henry's mother passed in 1885. 

Henry was educated in Auburn and Onondaga Academy, became a clerk and later partner of his father, and in 1860 started his present establishment. In 1887 he originated the bamboo business in Syracuse and subsequently took in Bruce Aldrich under firm name of Syracuse Bamboo Furniture Company, of which he was president. In 1892 the concern moved to Baldwinsville and in 1893 Mr. Henry Loftie disposed of his interest.

In 1861 Henry married Frances E. daughter of Judge John Wisner, of Elmira, and they had one son, Harry who became a partner of his father in 1892 under the firm name of Henry Loftie & Son.  ***

Much isn't known about Henry�s lifestyle other than a desire and passion for fishing and his wide array of business interests. In the 1887 Henrys passion for fishing tackle and lures surpassed his desire to continue the hair business and thus a new venture was created. the Syracuse Split Bamboo Fish Rod Company.

On the left side of the page you can see a copy of an original correspondence from Henry to a famous fishing reel maker Mr. malison, which can be viewed close up in the galleries.

You can continue to read on in the Henry Loftie Lures page 2, where I will discuss more in depth of his old fishing lures and patents granted. You can take a tour in the Loftie Lure Gallery below of some of his trade cards from the 1860's, see a bottle of his hair tonic and one of his most famous inventions the Loftie Wave or Weave.

Henry Loftie Antique

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    *** Onondaga's Centennial, Boston History Co., Vol II 1896